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Welcome to The Five Elements of San Diego, California, your source for information about our pebble tile, glass mosaic tile, glass subway tile, coconut tiles, reclaimed teak wood tile, wood mosaic tile,wood deck tile and other unique and innovative tile collections. Our natural stone tiles, pebble floors, and glass tile give an international and serene feeling to design projects in residential and commercial spaces.

With our focus being an importer, our humble beginnings are as importers and distributors of pebble tiles. Our pebble stones are mined by a family owned factory of 25 years and are meticulously sorted for color, size and thickness. The key to a quality pebble floor is this sorting process and getting the proper gauge of pebbles so there is a consistent thickness and uniformity of size. Our local Balinese artisans then hand set the selected stones by patiently puzzling the proper sized and proportioned pebbles into our patented interlocking mesh pattern. The river rock tiles are 100 % natural ( save for the mesh and glue) and not cut or manipulated in any way other than our selection process. It is this extra effort and attention to detail that makes our pebble tile the industry standard for pebble flooring.

Also at the heart of our organization is our other core competency, subway glass tile. Different than so much of the glass subways in the market, we take great pride in the quality of our manufacturing. We use a baked polypropylene backing instead of the cheap sprayed ceramic backing. The result is an incredibly durable backing and a very vibrant and consistent color shading which adds vibrancy and dimension and helps insure a stunning installation.

Because the business was founded in exploring exotic locales for unique materials for interior design, we are always scouting for new and unique looks like our reclaimed teak mosaic tiles and our real coconut tiles.

Working with both premium tile distributors and industry professionals, The Five Elements are more than importers and distributors of tiles, we are business specialists with a love of design and creating. We invite you to browse through our online pages and visit one of our many showroom partners to see for yourself.

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