Shower Installation

Wood Mosaic Tile

The Five Elements of Carlsbad, Ca has a new line. Our wood mosaic tiles are our latest import from Europe. These sustainable products are made with beautiful all natural European woods and have won numerous awards in Europe. Each wooden mosaic is meticulously finished with a light beveled edged and assembled on a 13×13 inch mesh backing. Each wood tile is coated with Osmo, an amazing Eco friendly German oil-wax solution that is an incredibly durable, water resistant and won’t flake, chip or blister. The result is a stunning mosaic that can be used throughout the home in kitchens, bathrooms, walls, backsplashes. Our denser woods like Ash, Cherry and Oak are great as flooring and floor inserts.

The tiles are easily installed like standard tile and come in traditional 3/8 thickness so they pair easily with other tiles, porcelains or ceramics. They come in boxes of 10 sheets with 10.8 square feet per box.

Baked Alder Wood Mosaic Tile
Baked Ash Wood Mosaic Tile
Baked Cherry Wood Mosaic Tiles
Natural Alder Wood Mosaic Tile