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Stone Bathroom Sinks

  • New Stone Bathroom Sinks(vessels)sit on the bathroom counter or vanity, instead of being set down into it. For a dramatic variation on the pedestal sink vessel sink, they can also be set on a pedestal.

Stone bathroom sinks are one of our favorite new items from Bali. These stone sinks are hand crafted from Balinese Granite and make a strong statement. Their warm grayish taupe tones are very neutral and easy to match with most counter tops and cabinetry. Plus being solid granite sinks, these stone vessels are incredibly durable and easy to maintain. They are an extraordinary alternative to traditional above sink wash basins and provide a modern, rustic flair to any contemporary, beach, mountain, craftsman or Asian design.

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Small Stone Bathroom Sink
Thick Stone Bathroom Sink
Large Stone Bathroom Sink