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Speckled Grey Pebble Tile

Speckled Grey Pebble Tile

Speckled Grey Pebble Tile is an incredibly popular mosaic pebble tile with unique speckles in the stone like a Robin’s egg. Made from 100% natural Indonesian river rocks, they are assembled on interlocking mesh pattern for a seamless designer finish. The pebbles are ancient river rocks sorted for color size and thickness to ensue the best gauge of pebbles for a uniform height and color pallet. Each tile assembly is on a sturdy nylon mesh backing using an environmentally safe glue. The patented interlocking pattern is designed so the pebble tiles fit together seamlessly when installed. The final installed result is a seamless field of pebbles with no detectable tile pattern. ( Please insure contractors follow instructions closely)
Recommended Usage: Bathroom Flooring, Shower Pans, Outdoor Flooring, Interior Feature Walls, Exterior Landscape Wall, Swimming pool decks, Swimming Pool Water Lines, Patios, Fireplaces and more.

Interior & Exterior
Commercial & residential
Dimensions: 12" x 12" (.98 Sq. Ft)
Individual Pebble Size Diameter: Approx. 3/4" to 11/2" 
Thickness: Approx. 3/8"
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