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River Rock Pebble Tile

River Rock Pebble Tile

This sultry gray pebble tile creates an element of the outdoors whether applied indoors or out…The pebbles are mined by our family owned factory of 25 years and are meticulously sorted for color, size and thickness. The key to a quality river rock tile is this sorting process and getting the proper gauge of pebbles so there is a consistent thickness and uniformity of size. Our local Balinese artisans then hand set the selected pebble stones by patiently puzzling the proper sized and proportioned pebbles into our patented interlocking mesh pattern. The river rock tiles are 100 % natural ( save for the mesh and glue) and not cut or manipulated in any way other than our selection process. It is this extra effort and attention to detail that makes our river rock pebble tile the industry standard for pebble floors and flooring. Treat yourself to the calm and balance of a rushing river right in your own home.

Each pebble tile is a standard tile thickness of 3/8 inches and set on a 12×12 interlocking mesh backing( .97 sq ft per tile) for easy installation and an amazing seamless pebble floor or wall . The minimum order is 11 pebble mosaic sheets and after you reach the minimum you can order any amount you would like.

Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada require additional consideration for freight.
Please call 1-858-695-2092 and we will help you manage your order and any concerns.

Tile Size: 12” x 12” Interlocking
Border Size: 4” x 12”
Pebble Size: 0.5” – 1”
Thickness: 0.3/8”
Finish: Natural
Product Number: Was 4002 Now 006NP

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