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Pebble Tile Collection

Our all natural pebble tile are made from river rocks from Indonesia that we hand sort for flatness, symmetry and color consistency. With 25 years of manufacturing the perfect pebble tile, you can be guaranteed premium quality, superior beauty at prices only an importer could offer. Our gorgeous pebble tiles are created from distinctive natural river rocks collected from the mountain sides of remote islands of the Far East. The inspiration and the genesis of our first pebble mesh mosaics came from the Indonesian archipelago and the exotic island of Bali. There while traveling we found local tile craftsmen were creating amazing pebble floors and pebble walls using the most stunning natural stones. To bring that same beauty to you, we created a system to meticulously sort the river stones for color, size and thickness. It is our quality control process of using only the most consistent colors, pebbles with better symmetry and pebble stones with a consistent gauge of thickness that allow us to produce the finest pebble floors and flooring material in the industry. Local artisans then carefully hand puzzle the beach pebbles into a tight grouped mosaic using a patented interlocking tiles grid makes for very easy installations and a seamless field of pebbles. Our pebble mosaic tiles are deal for bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, walls, floors, back splashes, pools, spas, hotels and restaurants.

Select from a wide variety of color options.

And if you are in the San Diego, California, we invite you to visit our tile showroom/warehouse at:
2706 Gateway Road
Carlsbad,Ca 92009

Burma Striped Polished Pebble Tile
White and Black Polished Pebble Tile
Coral Pebble Tile
Polished Daylight Pebble Tile
Smokey Black Pebble Tile
River Rock Pebble Tile
Spring Rain Pebble Tile
Skipping Stone Pebble Tile
Ocean Pebble Tile
Polished Amber Pebble Tile
Polished Smokey White Pebble Tile
Polished Cobblestone Pebble Tile
Polished Vivid Black Pebble Tile
Polished Auburn Pebble Tile
Honed Amber Pebble Tile
Honed Auburn Pebble Tile
Honed Cobblestone Pebble Tile
Honed Smokey White Pebble Tile
Honed Vivid Black Pebble Tile
Speckled Grey Pebble Tile
Grey and Black Pebble Tile
White Rapids Pebble Tile
Java Pebble Tile
White and Grey Pebble Tile
Sunset Mix Pebble Tile
Medley Pebble Tile
Salmon Pebble Tile
White and Tan Pebble Tile
Ubud Pebble Tile
Kandui Pebble Tile