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Balinese Stone Wall Carvings

Our unique Balinese stone wall carvings and statues are originals from Made’ our favorite local Bali artisans who is a masters of carved stone. With amazing skills he and his team hand carve statues, wall reliefs, Buddhas, Ganeshas and so much more.

While Ubud and Batuan are well known for their paintings and maybe a little Eat, Pray, Love, just down the road is the little village of Batubulan where our very modest yet famous carver friend,Made’, maintains his father’s tradition of hand carving limestone and sandstone. Famous for having done work in hotels world wide, he is also has the distinction of having worked closely with Francis Ford Coppala on many projects including his home in Belize.

Our stunning collection of Balinese Carved Stone includes Balinese Statues,and Wall Reliefs. These are items typically only ever found in Bali and not normally available in the US. The items we crafted are our collaborative vision with Made and capture the beautiful spirit of the people, the connection to the land and spirit through yoga inspired images like Buddhas, Lotus Flowers and Ganesha. We hope you enjoy them and if you have a need a larger custom project we will gladly help you create your Balinese wall Carving.

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Sunrise-Lotus Stone Wall Carving
Four Buddhas Stone Wall Carving
Arnapuna Stone Wall Carving
Ganesha Stone Statue
Small Buddha Stone Statue