Ocean Grey 3x6 Kitchen

2×8 Glass Subway Tile

Our 2×8 glass Subway tiles are a perfect compliment to any bathroom, kitchen and commercial installation. THE FIVE ELEMENTS Spa Glass Subways measure 2”x8”x8mm which is a standard tile finish so they pair easily with other materials. Most colors come in two different finishes, gloss and matte. Our quality on this tile is spectacular with a baked polypropylene backing and a high Celsius kilning to insure “pool rating” and easy use for any water or shower application.

These are special order with no returns

And if you are in the San Diego, California, we invite you to visit our tile showroom/warehouse at:
2706 Gateway Road
Carlsbad,Ca 92009

Blanco 2x8 Glass Subway Tile
Ocean Grey 2x8 Glass Subway Tile